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    Tarragona - Spain (von . SantiMB .)

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    Adriana Lima in “Superwoman” for Interview Germany, April 2014

    Photographed by: Robbie Fimmano 

    power to the eyebrows

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  9. We Are Golden - MIKA

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    Boardman State Park

    Oregon, USA | by Larry Andreasan


  13. "sonríe, el mundo necesita maravillas"

  14. less than a month until I head off to school which on the one hand is super exciting and I can’t wait to start my classes and make new friends and get involved in life in New York and at Barnard but on the other hand it’s stressful because like where has the summer gone and how is it already August and I am not ready to have this separation from my wonderful home friends and my dog and summertime and the beach and warm weather. I am just very conflicted about all this.

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    Anna Selezneva by Jacob Sutton for Numero, August 2014.